With a fairly recent trailer and a secure release date, Coven Games has proudly come forward with its first gaming title, Witchkin. The player takes on the role of a child attempting to find his abducted little sister in an abandoned Texas farmhouse in the 1920’s. This house is home to the Witchkin – a family of terrifying toys fostered by a deranged woman known as the Candy Lady. Using her “children”, she’ll do everything in her power to keep all who enter the house from ever leaving. Due to release in October 2017, Witchkin boasts in the Steam description that it is “in the vein on Slender” and shows promising content.

To Fear or Not to Fear

Walking through the sepia-toned halls of a rotting home, alone with nothing but the creaking of the boards beneath your feet, all seems creepy yet calm. That is until the undead toys come to life and the fight for survival begins! Witchkin brings ambient fear along with minor audio queues that alert yet do not interrupt gameplay. Be prepared for prolonged moments of nerve crushing silence that’ll drive you insane; and don’t forget to check over your shoulder for Marcy, she will be watching.

Marcy roams the halls seeking while you hide. Opening doors and walking in, trapping you inside rooms with no hope of escape. Thankfully not all is hopeless. Marcy cannot open locked doors and walks at a slow enough pace that you can outrun her. Just don’t get yourself cornered and if you happen to step and get stuck on the randomly placed jacks on the ground, well, you better hope Marcy isn’t nearby.

What’s to Come

On the day of full release, Coven Games will extend their roster of characters from one to three and the developers have already stated that the content will not stop there! Be ready for Witchkin this October.



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