Will to live Online


Ever wanted a first-person shooter that was also an MMORPG? Well, you get the best of both worlds with Will to Live Online. In this article, you will get an overview of Will to Live Online from AlphaSoft LLC.

The Basics

Will to Live Online is a MMORPG, first-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Your task is to survive in the dangerous land by completing missions and collecting resources. You will face threats from mutants, the environment, and other players.


True to an MMORPG there is a great deal of freedom and exploration. With four classes to choose from and a wide range of weapons and play styles, players can enjoy hours of gameplay and exploration.

Factions are another feature of the game where players can choose to fight on the side of humanity or cause trouble for their fellow humans. Or you can skip the factions all together and be a lone wolf that does however they please.

Yes, there are dungeons, but Will to Live Online takes a realistic approach to them, as dungeons are literally underground bunkers and mines. The art style and weapon design are very realistic as well.

Will to Live Online - town
A look at the realistic design and graphics.

The Survival

In any post-apocalyptic world, resources are short. As mentioned before collecting supplies and gear will be very important in this game. This is where interacting with other players may be very important, as trading is a key feature in Will to Live Online. Besides collecting supplies to arm yourself against threats, you will also have to worry about dying from hunger and thirst, which means you will need to hunt animals and gather food.

The Shooter

There are four classes to play: hunter, miner, mercenary, or engineer, each having their own specialties, unique load-outs, and costume designs. The gameplay seems to be more reliant on exploration and dungeon crawling, meaning being cautious and strategic is going to be better in this game. This is good for people who like the RPG aspect of things a little more or tend to get overwhelmed with super fast intense gameplay.

One of the many monster types in the barren world.

You can purchase an early access version of Will to Live Online at Steam. It is currently 40% off – just $8.99. Definitely check it out if you’re a fan of MMORPGs or survival shooters!



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