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Wildcard dropped the bomb at The Game Awards Show and announced ARK 2 with a cinematic trailer. The well-known character Santiago is embodied in the trailer by Vin Diesel.

  • According to initial rumors, Wildcard has announced ARK 2
  • Vin Diesel plays the main protagonist
  • No release yet, launching on PC and exclusively on Xbox
  • Wildcard also announces animation series for Helena’s story

This is the trailer: According to the developer, the cinematic trailer was created In-Engine and used game assets from ARK 2. We see the known NPC Santiago fighting a hostile clan of “mutants” – or orcs – and then withdrawing with his people in front of a T-Rex.

In a cave they encounter TEK technology and the name of the character played by Vin Diesel (Fast & Furious) appears. Santiago Da Costa – In the complicated ARK story, he is a member of the Federation’s armed forces from the future who, like everyone else, ended up in the ARK. He appeared for the first time in the stories of ARK in the addon Aberration and causes chaos there.

When does ARK 2 play? When ARK 2 will play is questionable. There is still no exact answer. Santiago could just appear in the cinematic trailer without much connection to the actual game.

But if Santiago plays a major role in ARK 2, the sequel takes place before the events of ARK: Survival Evolved. If Wildcard integrates a real story into the game, or even a single player mode, we can probably expect to replay the events of the ARK story. Even before the players get into the ARK.

What do you think about it and are you excited about ARK 2?

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  1. Maybe they should fix the current game and the persistent problems with disconnects, lag, game crashes and a never ending list of stupid issues after pretty much EVERY patch.. before Ark 2

    I love the game.. but damn I wish they’d fix the stupid stuff.

  2. Unless they try to make a single player story driven linear experience…. That would suck in my opinion, not why I love ark

  3. I am very happy to see wild card taking the steps in the right direction, and since I absolutely love Arc and the broken game that it is I don’t have super high expectations just as long as it doesn’t run any worse than the current game. I am excited for an actual story and for a new online multiplayer sandbox experience


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