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The popular Korean survival horror game White Day: A Labyrinth Named School has been remade! According to the publishers at Pqube, the title will see an expansion in gameplay with completely redesigned graphics.

Overnight Horrors

The story follows protagonist Hui-min Lee, a new student at Yeondoo High School. The school is shrouded in infamous rumours of brutal murders and vindictive spirits. What started out as a friendly gesture quickly turns sour. After Hui-min attempts to stay late to hide chocolates in a classmate’s locker, the doors close for the night. Unfortunately, Hui-min finds himself locked inside the school overnight with the treacherous spirits that roam the halls. Can you survive the murder hungry janitors and evil spirits? Or will you fall victim to the horrors and become another ghost of the school?

This remake of White Day will see a lot of diverse challenges and obstacles to overcome and outlast. The game will offer difficulty levels; the higher ones offering a higher frequency of scary ghost appearances. To make the survival aspect more challenging, the game will operate on a resource based health system. Accessing resources will likely prove to be tasking with puzzles that require finding codes to unlock padlocks. You will also take part in a branching story line that allows you to choose dialogue when speaking with other characters. Keep in mind that your actions will cause one of nine endings to unfold.

White Day Janitor
I can only assume this is a janitor you don’t want to run into…

What About PC?

According to the official PlayStation Blog announcement, the title is a PS4 exclusive. Despite this, it does seem that we will likely see a release for PC. White Day was given the greenlight on Steam early last year so we can expect to see it available for grabs upon release. The official release date has not been announced, though we do know it will be out in August of 2017.


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