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FrankieOnPCin1080p has been missing for years & fans are still wondering where he is. We scoured the internet once and found an exciting answer!

Who is Frankie: FrankieOnPCin1080p is or much more was probably the greatest Arma & DayZ content creator ever because of the quality of his videos. He single-handedly made survival mods like Arma 3: Exile or DayZ: Epoch become what they are today.

Frankie relied on “Scripted Reality” for his videos. He actually played DayZ, Exile, Epoch or Origins, but told a scripted gripping story within these game scenes that stretched over several episodes. The best example of this is his Exile: Esseker series. To this day, his audience of millions around the world missed him.

Frankie disappeared: what happened?

That is why he submerged: answering this question is easy and difficult at the same time. Finding out wasn’t a feat, but I’m sure many of you know the reason Frankie gives.

In September 2018, Frankie gave his last update on his disappearance via Facebook. Here he reports that he would like to provide an update due to the countless messages that he receives every day regarding his disappearance.

In this update, he reports that he feels burned out and that he is producing his videos on autopilot. You can see on his channel that the last videos were pure gameplay / commentary and no longer contain any elaborated stories.

That and the burnout ultimately ensured that FrankieOnPC had withdrawn from the public. According to his own statement, however, he is not completely inactive in the absence.

He continues to work on projects and his channel because yes, Frankie wants to return when, but remains unanswered for the time being. At the end of 2019, he at least updated his profile picture with a new design.

You can hear him here: His YouTube colleague and close friend SadaPlays is still making videos on the platform and regularly integrates Frankie. Most recently there was a Call Of Duty gameplay of them both.

But the two also tackle more complex projects. The difference, of course, is that FrankieOnPC plays second fiddle here.

Current information speaks of a return soon

His Twitter shows: FrankieOnPc is still active on Twitter and is busy retweeting the videos of his friend Sada. But also his profile description changed a few months ago. We have found this status here since May 2020:

,,Returning Soon!”

How long this will take is unclear. The plan to return is still up! We sincerely hope its sooner than later. Because without Frankie, YouTube gaming is no longer the same.

SadaPlays also mentions that Frankie will return 100 percent and then be back full-time for the community! Frankie himself says that it could be a few more months before the first video is published.



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