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The DayZ Editor is a workshop modification with the help of which you can just do nonsense or make films. A Garry’s Mod for the Enfusion Engine.

This is the editor: The DayZ Editor is not reminiscent of Garry’s Mod for nothing. With the help of the modification, which is limited to the PC, you can do pretty much anything the DayZ Engine allows!

What sounds like an empty advertising promise, however, is the whole truth. From a 200-meter tall bean can to the next DayZ film project, everything is possible here.

DayZ Editor allows even more sandbox fun

What the mod offers: As already mentioned at the beginning, DayZ Editor sets you almost no limits. Basically, it is intended as a mapping tool that you can use to edit your own map.

However, this is limited to existing terrains. So you can’t create a completely new map. But you can rework all maps that DayZ and the workshop support. You can even adjust spawn areas and correct the loot distribution according to your wishes.

Cinematics for your YouTube video are also no problem. Not only can you change the world, but you can also position all the game’s assets and adjust the camera in detail.

If none of this is convincing to you, then maybe a flying train or a stone henge made of containers and trash will do.

The only drawback of the DayZ Editor is the lack of an online mode. So far you can only play the mod in single player using the DayZ community offline mode. How to start it and add workshop cards, we explain here (WIP)!


How to install the DayZ Editor: To get the modification to work you need a little more than just DayZ and the mod:

If you have downloaded these three mods in the workshop, you have to start DayZ via the Steam launcher. In the mod section you then add the corresponding workshop content and start!

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