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Following in the footsteps of titles like DayZ and PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), Breaking Point heads towards standalone status, but has a few obstacles left in it’s path.

Similar to Some, yet so Very Unique

Breaking Point is currently a mod for Arma 2/3 and is a “permadeath” online survival horror game set in a future where society has crumbled after a viral outbreak. The game boasts an intelligent AI, PvP, PvE and 7 different factions to choose from. Like many other survival titles, you’ll start with nothing and have hunt for supplies and choose your fate in the fallen world around you.

Breaking Point shows that it means business, promising similar features to DayZ, but also presenting new potential in content. It has high acclaim and has even drawn attention from a very well known Twitch-Streamer Sacriel. Not only has he been telling the public about Breaking Point, but he is also leading the design team for it. Spreading the word has not only helped the game take off, but has also brought some much needed attention to an interesting mod.

Breaking Point – From Mod to Standalone

Originally Breaking Point did attempt a Kickstarter, but unfortunately did not meet their hopeful goal. On the plus side, the development team were not relying entirely on their Kickstarter and are still working tirelessly towards full game status.

Breaking Point – Standalone Mod
Breaking Point is currently a mod for Arma 3.

What has surprised us and many others, is the recent statement dropped by the team behind Breaking Point. The developers have decided it is in everyone’s best interest that this mod/game does not have an Early Access release. By releasing the game in it’s finished form, they can make sure that the content is fully developed and bug fixes will not be a major issue. They are clear that this will not be another perpetual alpha state game.

Although the developers have been fairly quiet since the Kickstarter failure, they did decide release a video talking about what is to come. Breaking Point seems like it has true potential and promises unique environments and gameplay. Will this mod take off and succeed as we all hope it does? Only time will tell.


SOURCEBreaking Point Twitter
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