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Welcome to the Game II is a hacking simulation horror game created by Reflect Studios. Players dive into the deep web to investigate the murders committed by a cult through hacking and solving puzzles.

Hacking for a good cause

In Welcome to the Game II, you play as Clint Edwards, an online news investigative reporter. Your assignment is to research the recent murders related to the deep web. Yet, the only clue is a video of a kidnapped woman named Amalea Lewis. In the video, Amalea reveals that she has been taken by a cult known as the Prey. It is up to you to hack the deep web and find the 8 hidden hashes that will lead you to Amalea’s location.

The tools at your disposal are a web browser, a notepad, and an online market where gadgets can be bought using DOScoin. You will need to scan web pages, cross-reference IP addresses, and solve puzzles, all while avoiding detection and blocking hacking attempts on your laptop.

Welcome to the Game II - timed puzzle
One of many hacking screens

Will you stay calm?

The game features immersive gameplay that does a great job simulating hacking in an apartment. As players can get a frightening taste of the deep web without actually being on it. Besides the apartment, you will be able to explore different places while picking up deliveries or hiding from members of the Prey.

A unique feature worth noting is that the game interacts with your microphone. If you are too loud they will find you faster. And If your hacking skills aren’t up to snuff, you could be arrested by the police or worse – kidnapped and murdered by members of the Prey.

Welcome to the Game II -Gameover
Creepy masked men will come for you

With a unique storyline and hacking simulation gameplay Reflect Studios has created a truly creepy game. If you would like to experience the horror of Welcome to the Game II, head over to Steam to purchase it for the PC.



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