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Resident Evil doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is good, but a weapons expert has now watched some clips from Resident Evil 8 and rated the weapons, gunplay and crafting. Small spoiler it will be absurd!

Not everything is realistic: It shouldn’t surprise anyone when we reveal that Resident Evil 8 builds a lot of BS into its world. However, we were surprised by how much the developers wobble from hyper-realistic to completely absurd when it comes to weapons and gunplay. But what would a real weapons expert say about the game?

Total madness with Resident Evil 8’s weapons? That’s what the expert says

Who is reacting? The videos that we are happy to present here and on are produced by Jonathan Ferguson in collaboration with GameSpot. Yes, these are these beloved colleagues. Jonathan Ferguson himself is a weapons expert and works at the Royal Armories Museum in Leeds, UK.

Ethan’s evolving in Resident Evil 8

Training or not, this is dumb: The video in which Ferguson reacts to the weapons in Resident Evil 8 starts with a big slap in the face of the developer. Anyone who has followed the story of Resident Evil well knows that Ethan got military training after RE7.

You can actually see the effects in-game. Ethan holds guns differently, controls recoil better and reloads guns like a pro. But especially the latter is nonsense in his situation. For example, as Ethan, if you reload a pistol before the magazine is empty, you put the half-emptied magazine back into your inventory.

Our weapons expert Ferguson says that reloading this way is common in the military. Soldiers do this to keep as much ammunition as possible. But Ethan is not in a normal combat situation, so he should reload quickly instead of carefully.

Wrong descriptions & skills + Ethan’s hidden partner

Illegal weapon? When we held the M1911 in our hands for the first time, we were very happy. Everyone loves this classic, which has been in use for over 100 years now.

But even 100 more years would not change the fact that the weapon is not a fully automatic pistol, like Resident Evil 8 and the developers want us to believe exactly that. There are actually fully automatic 1911s, but they are not built in the factory, or legally at all.

resident-evil-8-m1911Sights misunderstood: But it was not only here that the weapons were misunderstood. The late-game shotgun SYG-12, which is based on the automatic Saiga 12 has some serious magical powers. At the Dukes shop you can buy a red dot sight and that improves, of course…

The damage and the rate of fire — that’s a must-know. Obviously, this is nonsense because a sight or rifle scope does not improve anything except your accuracy when you look through.


Lawnmower out of hell: Towards the end of the game, when you face Heisenberg, you man some sort of lawnmower tractor with weapons. This one has a chainsaw that is used to block attacks, a machine gun and a rocket launcher.

The fight is completely over-the-top and weird, but let’s be realistic, Ethan would have to at least double himself in order to use this device. Not only does the machine gun reload itself, no, so does the rocket launcher too.

In his video, weapons expert Ferguson names the model of the rocket launcher. This is an SPG-9 and in normal operation, it requires at least two people just to reload.

From here on again pure realism in Resident Evil 8

Why here? We already mentioned at the beginning of the article that the developers apparently did not quite agree on where to be realistic and where not. If we stick with the lawnmower from hell, then we have to give Capcom credit for the fact that the mechanism by which the machine gun is fired is correctly modeled.

It is also crazy that the mechanics and weapons that many players consider absurd actually exist in one way or another in the real world. Just look at the rocket pistol, it really exists and it fires small rocket-like projectiles. The only downer here is that the bullets do not explode on hit.


Weapon number 2: The S.T.A.K.E., a super-powerful pistol based on a Magnum design. In Resident Evil 8 it is like this: If Ethan shoots in quick succession, the animation of the recoil is shorter.

Feels illogical, but in reality there are many shooters who “ride” the recoil, that is, deliberately carry it far in order to be able to aim again at the right moment.



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