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When, during the announcement of ARK 2, Vin Diesel suddenly appeared as Santiago in the trailer, many fans were surprised. Now it turns out that Vin Diesel not only plays a role, but is actively involved in the development.

  • Vin Diesel as Santiago in ARK 2 and Animated Series
  • Vin Diesel takes over the position as executive producer

That’s going on: On December 10th, as part of The Game Awards Show 2020, the trailer for the upcoming ARK 2 ran across the screen. Gameplay could not be seen yet, but a nice cinematic trailer that, according to the developer, was even created within the engine with assets from the game. The main protagonist in the trailer is Santiago, who is digitally embodied by Vin Diesel.

While many initially assumed that Vin Diesel would only take on the role of Santiago in ARK 2 and in the announced ARK: Animated Series, it now turns out that the actor is much more involved.

Vin Diesel as an active part of the dev team

Studio Wildcard has confirmed in a press release that Vin Diesel not only serves as an in-game character in ARK 2 and the Animated Series but is also part of the dev team.

More specifically, Vin Diesel is “President of Creative Convergence” and takes over the position of Executive Producer within the team. He is responsible for ARK 2 and the Animated Series.

This might interest you:

How much experience does Vin Diesel have? According to Doug Kennedy, CEO of Studio Wildcard, Vin Diesel has accumulated thousands of hours of playtime in ARK: Survival Evolved over the years:

“An immensely talented actor and producer, Vin is also an accomplished gamer who has played 1000’s of hours of ARK: Survival Evolved. He understands the game intimately and is providing direct feedback to the development process. With last night’s reveal of the ARK sequel and animated TV series, Vin will be involved with each as we look to expand the ARK franchise even further, now and into the future.”

Vin Diesel himself also makes a short statement:

“I’m having a lot of fun playing ARK and also really excited to join the Studio Wildcard team to develop the story both in-game and in the new animated series.”

When does ARK 2 come out?

What we know so far: There is no official release date yet. Only the year 2022 is mentioned, the ARK: Animated Series will also appear in 2022.

However, we will probably not get any precise information about this so soon. Studio Wildcard is known in the ARK community for repeatedly postponing releases and disappointing fans. With ARK 2 they might have learned something, so they will be careful not to rush to name a release date.

What do you think about it, will Vin steer ARK’s future in the right direction and when will ARK 2 be released? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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