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The new co-op survival Valheim recently launched in Steam’s Early Access and is thrilling massive amounts of gamers. We’ll tell you what to expect in Valheim.

That’s going on: The co-op survival game Valheim started Early Access on Steam on February 2nd and costs € 16.79. The game from developer Iron Gate AB currently has more than 20,000 players at the same time (via Steamcharts) and has so far received a positive rating of 95% from almost 1,800 reviewers (via Steam).

That is the co-op survival Valheim

Valheim is a survival title for 1 to 10 players with a modern pixel look. You create a Viking and start in a procedurally generated game world. But your character is already dead and the Valkyries have brought you to purgatory in Valheim, the tenth Nordic world.

In Valheim you have to fight for your survival in order to finally get Odin’s favor. You do that mainly by defeating Odin’s ancient rivals, currently in the form of 5 bosses. After every boss kill, you also get a special buff that makes you and your group stronger. That motivates to keep going.

You should know this fundamentally about Valheim: In order to prepare yourself for the challenging fights that remind us a little of Dark Souls, you collect various resources typical of survival games, build up your base, and equip yourself with increasingly powerful weapons and equipment. In the course of the game, you explore Valheim, come across dungeons, and can summon the different bosses by making suitable sacrifices.

That is why collecting is fun: What is particularly fascinating is collecting resources, especially cutting down trees. In Valheim everything is calculated physically. When a tree falls, the force can knock down more trees or, if you’re not careful, cost you your life.

This is how crafting works: The crafting and building system also looks very promising in our first game sessions. So there are hardly any limits for building a base. However, this can also be a bit cumbersome at times.

You can learn recipes for making tools, components, weapons, and armor by finding new resources. If you are picking up a wooden board for the first time, you will immediately learn what you can make from it. There is no crafting skill system like in Rust, ARK, or Conan Exiles.


That’s how long the Early Access lasts and that’s still planned: The Early Access phase is planned for around 1 year, but may take longer depending on the feedback and the planned content.

In the course of development, more biomes, bosses, enemies, weapons, and resources will be added to the game. The crafting should also be expanded and new components should bring more individuality to your base.

The developers have already published a rough roadmap for 2021. The crafting and building system will be expanded first, followed by new opponents and further opportunities to sail across the seas.

Valheim-Roadmap-2021Are you already playing Valheim or are you planning to check it out? If so, what do you think of the title so far? Write your opinion in the comments below!

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