Last time we talked about the upcoming vampire role-playing game Vampyr, it was all about how the developers aren’t planning any DLC’s. This time finally some bigger news is getting shared as the release date and pre-order bonuses are now known.

Sharpen your teeth

Set in the Victorian era in London, you play a doctor who just got turned into a vampire. To stay alive you will have to feed from the citizen, causing the player to make moral decisions as each action affects the world.

Because the release is nearby, the developers Dontnod Entertainment let you pre-order Vampyr with a bonus DLC, including three items. The first item is the Dragonbane, a sword that was owned by the founder of the brotherhood of Saint Paul Stole. Secondly, you will get the Barker a pistol that belonged to Carl Eldritch, who was a vampire hunter. As last, you will get the physician suit, a cosmetic that lets you bland into the crowd of London. If you don’t want to pre-order the game fear not, after the release you will be able to purchase the DLC separately.

While they don’t plan on selling dlc’s, by pre-ordering the game you will get some bonuses.

Vampyr will release on PC, PlayStation and Xbox One at June 5th. If you pre-order the game on Steam you will get a 10% discount.



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