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Vampyr is an upcoming action role-playing video game developed by Dontnod Entertainment. It will be released for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Morality vs Immortality

The game takes place is 1918 London, during the Victorian Era. You will play as Jonathan Reid, a doctor and newly turned vampire. Jonathan believes that vampirism is an illness that can be cured. He must track down the origin of the illness while keeping himself alive, forcing him to make difficult decisions while faced with morality and immortality.

Vampyr will play the cards with your moral boundaries, testing how far you will go to survive. The citizens you encounter all have their own sense of community, making them less like prey and more like your fellow neighbour you exchange a word with every now and then. This touch of humanity makes feeding on them a bit more difficult, from a moral standpoint. However, in order for your character to stay healthy and satisfied, you must find people to feed upon.

Blood will provide you with the means for leveling up throughout the game. Blood is necessary for unlocking special abilities for the player, both strategic and belligerent. A few useful abilities include being capable of entrancing victims and the ability to teleport around the map. It is cautioned that if you feed on too many people in the same area, the district’s rating will go down until the area is eventually abandoned and devoid of a nice meal.

The atmosphere of the game, while enticing, contains a harsh ailment for the residents of London (you know, aside from vampires). The streets have been plagued by influenza, and this illness allowed for the creation of mutant vampires referred to as the “Skulls”. While dodging the Skulls that lurk throughout the city, you will also be a target of vampire hunters that will stalk and stake you.

The release date of Vampyr hasn’t been confirmed at this time, though it is expecting release in Q4 of 2017. The game will be published by Focus Home Interactive and the developers Dontnod Entertainment are best known for their work on the video games Remember Me and Life Is Strange.


SOURCEThe Guardian
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