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Valnir Rok development team Encurio officially announced an Early Access release date for their Norse mythology driven title. The small team spent three years designing this survival game with a hope to make it successful in the heavily criticised genre. Valnir Rok will be released on 26th September 2017 for Steam users. The game will spend around 7-9 months in the early access stage. Let’s see what the players can expect.

On Its Way

In an interview on the day before Gamescom 2017, we at Survivethis got to visit the offices at Encurio to see what they had prepared for the week long convention. With all the usual survival attributes, Valnir Rok is looking to make a difference in the survival genre. Originally, there was talk of the release date being the 13th September this year but have now confirmed 26th September release.

Valnir Rok Alter
So where does the mead come out of?

What is Valnir Rok?

With the likes of ARK: Survival Evolved, DayZ and Conan Exiles making a name for themselves in the survival category, Valnir Rok is taking a slightly different approach to the table. Based on Norse mythology, you will play the role of a Viking in a world where warring clans, dragons and obviously, werewolves will be a cause for concern for your well being. With a 16km² map and quests inspired by Raven series author Giles Kristian, there are plenty of things to do and even more to fight on your way to becoming top dog in this survival sandbox.

Valnir Rok Dragon
Dovakin… ooops wrong game.

You Have the Power

One thing that does make Valnir Rok stand out in the crowd: Server hosts will be able to create their own quests, storylines and even design the history. Players can experience different stories created from scratch with its own unique past, created by any server owner. This could keep the game in the spotlight for quite a long time with new quests and tales to discover from various different ideas.

A lot of online survival titles struggle from server dominance, which can make it difficult for newcomers to invest time in a game that sees you die every 5 minutes due to high-level players proving they are superior to you. Encurio has stated that they will be working hard to observe and deal with these situations by responding with random dragon attacks and village fires. There are also plans for NPC clans that could terrorize your village that too will keep players busy, and less focused on world domination.

Valnir Rok fight
Clan battles keep you on your toes.

Will this be a new contender in the already full genre? With just under 2 weeks before we can get our hands on Valnir Rok, we can only hope that it can deliver a much-needed boost to the sandbox survival genre.


SOURCEValnir Rok Website
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