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The Youtuber and Twitch streamer Karl Jacobs has gained 5,000 subs on the live-streaming platform within eight minutes. You will now find out how he did it.

What happened: The Youtuber and Twitch streamer Karl Jacobs achieved the incredible within less than 10 minutes. He got more than 5,000 subs during this toilet break. These stormed his chat and made the stream stutter. But how did he do it exactly? The answer is heartwarming.


5,000 new Twitch subs in a few minutes: Here’s how it happened

Help from the community: Karl Jacobs, who is known from various MrBeast videos and who himself produces a lot of Minecraft content, was asked by one of the biggest Minecraft Youtubers “Dream” to leave the room.

Dream is one of the creators Karl Jacobs plays with on the SMP Minecraft server. It’s one of the largest in the world. The community there stands firmly behind their role models. And so Dream asked the community to give Karl a subscription.

You have to know that unlike YouTube, Twitch subscriptions are not free. For a 1-month subscription, the streamers receive around $ 2.50 in income. In the case of the 5,000 new subs for Karl Jacobs, that means $ 12,500 at once.

However, the US streamer didn’t really need this action. Because even before the sub-wave he was able to call around 16,000 subs his own. Together with the new ones, he now has a proud 21,000 subs (i.e. monthly income of $ 52,500).

This is how Karl reacted: When Karl Jacobs entered the room after being asked to leave, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Out of nowhere, there were 5,000 more subs on his account.

He found it hard to hold back the tears. After the stream, he thanked everyone again via Twitter and expressed his love for the SMP community.


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