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Twitch streamer & esports player ImperialHal got swatted during a livestream yesterday. This is a spectator joke in which a special task force is sent to the streamers home. You can now find out what exactly happened!

This is what happened: Less than 24 hours ago, the e-sportsman and Twitch streamer ImperialHal was surprised by a SWAT unit. They knocked on his door after someone called them to ImperialHal’s apartment because of danger. Many streamers have had to pay for this bad, but above all dangerous joke.


This is how ImperialHal reacted when he got swatted

Streamer stays calm: ImperialHal reacts tense and yet calm to the situation. When the officers knocked on his door, the streamer had certainly not expected that this evening would be so precarious. But he acted exactly right by following the instructions of the officers directly and not objecting.

After he explained the stupid joke to the officers and made it clear that it was not a threat, they quickly withdrew. But only after they kicked the door down. ImperialHal said that apart from the property damage, the officers were all understanding and reacted just right. Here you can track the situation:

What is swatting? Swatting is a joke that mainly affects live streamers and Youtubers. Spectators who know the address of the victim then call the police and report a crime. This ranges from drug possession to hostage-taking. This is of course made up, but the police in charge do not know.

The missions are sometimes fatal and are not only nerve-wracking for everyone involved, but also expensive. Who pays ImperialHal’s swatting now remains unclear for the time being. The callers are mostly unknown, but should they be found, they can expect a prison sentence of up to 20 years!

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