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The Walking Dead fans have been waiting for the answer to the A & B question for years. What do these letters mean? Now AMC has an answer with World Beyond – in Post Credit.

A & B, how do you know that? In the main series The Walking Dead, “living the trash live”-Jadis collected A & B people. She had set up containers specifically for this. These were transported away with CRM helicopters.

When Rick was found injured by Jadis on the riverbank after his suicide mission, she revealed to the just approaching CRM that she had no A, but a B instead.

So far it was uncertain what was behind the abbreviations. A and B are terms for people within the Civic Republic and their future tasks.

the walking dead crm erklärt a und b

The search for the cure! A & B explained

The meaning of “A”: As we described in our post on CRM, A-persons are all those who are misused to research an antidote for the Wildfire Virus.

They are purposely killed to look for a possible cure in the early stages of the zombification. It is simply not worth working on completely rotten corpses. A’s therefore presumably serve the development of a vaccine that suppresses the virus.

That is what the latest episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond wants us to believe in. After the supposed end of the fourth episode of the spin-off show one and a half minutes of extra footage is shown.

This is shown by the Post: Here we can watch a scientist describe and classify a test subject, which is described as TS: A 402. There is some important information in this description:

  • TS = Test Subject.
  • A = A or B specification.
  • 402 = numbering of the subject according to the number of test subjects.

Again and again, the camera is panned on a group photo, which not only shows the practicing doctor but also the father of Iris and Hope and the test subject just shown.


It is also interesting that there are tons of cross-references to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in this scene. That last occurred in the final episode of the very first season The Walking Dead. Here we met Dr. Jenner, who was supposedly the last scientist in the USA to work on a cure.

He referred to his test subjects as “TS: F 19” and happens to be wearing the same epidemic protection suit as the CRM staff.

What Does This Mean For Rick, Since He’s a B

The meaning of “B”: If A’s are people who are approved for testing, then B’s must, conversely, be valuable members of the society. B is a person who is allowed to work and live in the Civic Republic.

The soldier Barca, whose fate we reported on, was to be sent to a reform and health complex because he had questioned the motives of the CRM.

There he should be treated until he is deployable again. However, when he mentioned that he could never serve again, Elizabeth Kublek told him that in this case he would never leave the complex then. Barca could have gone from B-Person to A-Person at that moment.


What happens to Rick: Rick is also a B, but as we know the badass sheriff, he certainly cannot be told what to do and what not to do. Therefore, he could also be stuck in this reformatory at this point in time.

Maybe Barca will get a prominent role in the Rick Grimes films? At least we would be happy about it!

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