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Which new, exciting survival games are coming out in 2021? Our top list shows you what the Survivethis editorial team is particularly looking forward to.

Survival games just keep on living! Somehow fits the genre. With the start of the new year 2021, survival games are as popular as ever. Even old hands like Rust, The Forest, and DayZ set new player records.

But what about the new survival games? In this article, we explain which titles we are particularly looking forward to in 2021!

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Top 5 Survival Games 2021

Welcome to our personal top 5 selection. We are particularly interested in these survival games:

1. Sons of the Forest

What is Sons of the Forest? Sons of the Forest is the successor to the popular and very successful The Forest and wants to kidnap you again into its dangerous forest full of cannibals and mutants. As a soldier you land on an unknown island, you have to provide yourself with food and weapons, and you are apparently taking care of a mutant. However, we do not yet know what the goal of the game will be.

Why is that so interesting? The first work The Forest has not only been popular on Steam for years, with its 96% it is one of the best-rated survival games ever (via Steam).

The makers at Endnight Games have earned a reputation for developing steadily and closely with the community. Therefore, one should definitely keep the successor on the screen.

Who can be happy? Sons of the Forest wants you to build a base again in its open world, fight against clever and scary opponents and let you discover a mysterious story. So if you liked the first part, you get more of these qualities. Seasoned with new game mechanics, as the trailer shows:

When is the Release? Sons of the Forest is slated to appear sometime in 2021.

2. Dead Matter

What is Dead Matter? Dead Matter is an open-world survival game that can best be compared to its genre colleague DayZ. In the open game world, you roam around, collect food and equipment and defend yourself against other players and zombies. Dead Matter offers a few cool elements that it copied from genre colleagues but would like to implement better.

Why is that interesting? Dead Matter wants to continue thinking about where DayZ left off. More realism, more base building options, smarter zombies. All of this in pretty Unreal Engine 4. The game world is located in Canada and should always be good for a surprise due to random elements.

Who can be happy? If you’re a hardcore survival fan, Dead Matter should be on your radar. However, a closed alpha already suggests that the path through Early Access like DayZ could be a long and rocky one. At least the feedback from players on social media has been muted so far.

So we recommend that you do your research beforehand before considering a purchase.

When is the Release? Dead Matter should have started in Early Access in 2020. Now it will probably appear in 2021.

3. Icarus

What is Icarus: Icarus is the latest work from DayZ inventor Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall and his studio Rocketwerkz. It will be a sci-fi survival game that will be released as a Free2Play-Game on Steam in 2021.

In Icarus, you start on your personal space station and can travel to alien planets with up to 7 friends. The so-called drops have a certain time window in which you have to complete them. This ensures that every round is unique and exciting.

Why is that interesting? Not only Dean Hall is on board, Brian Hicks, the former lead producer of DayZ, has also returned for the new project. Conditions are tough on the alien planet, and if you miss the schedule, you will die. We are curious to see how they implement this concept and how the co-op mode will play out.

Who can be happy? The DayZ inventor is known for his bold ideas, but has also earned the bad reputation among fans for leaving DayZ when he was badly needed. Nevertheless, the genre pioneer is one of the heavyweights in the division. As a survival fan, you should definitely keep an eye on his new game.

When is the Release? Icarus should experience its release in the course of 2021.

4. Towers

What is Towers? Towers look like Zelda, but also a little like ARK: Survival Evolved. You have to survive in an open world and build a large tower as a base with your friends. If you harvest too many resources, it will damage the environment. Nature is supposed to play an important role in the gameplay and story.

Why is that interesting? Towers offer some creatures and tracts of land to explore in its open world. No area looks like the other. Large green meadows, dusty deserts, lakes, and stony cliffs. The creatures and enemies also look more than interesting.

Who can be happy? If you’re primarily a PvE fan and find the Towers graphics as beautiful as we do, you should keep watching the game. The only trailer so far was created over the course of a year and already looked very impressive:

When is the Release? We expect early access in 2021. But nothing is officially known.

5. The Riftbreaker

What is The Riftbreaker: The Riftbreaker is a mix of survival, base building and tower defense against waves of alien opponents. You collect resources from the iso perspective and build defensive positions so that you can survive the attacking alien creatures. The strong, colorful look full of cool effects is particularly striking.

Why is that interesting? Unlike in many other survival titles, a large portion of strategy comes into play here. The trailer is vaguely reminiscent of They Are Billions, a building survival strategy game that was rated 83% positively on Steam. With the mix of survival, base building, and tower defense, The Riftbreaker looks pretty interesting to us.

Who can be happy? Do you like tower defense, but also like to knock yourself? Then The Riftbreaker might be the right survival game for you. Because there are also exciting titles outside the usual waters that are worth a look.

When is the Release The Riftbreaker is slated for release in 2021.

What are you most looking forward to? Write us your favorites in the comments and let’s discuss it together.

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