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Masks, social distancing, cultural dying: The new year begins as the old one ended – and the future prospects are rather cloudy to cloudy. For this reason, as a little encouragement, so to speak, we have put together the five most promising horror games of 2021 for you.

Admittedly: The marker above didn’t come across the keys without a smile. Nevertheless, the statement is meant completely seriously, because what the beach boy his sunscreen, that is his outlast to the horror fan.

Speaking of which: we will finally hear something from such “big” names again this year. And so, in addition to the horror veteran Resident Evil, the aforementioned Outlast series will also unleash a new descendant on us. But even apart from the established fear guarantors, we are facing several very noteworthy new releases.

Because some of these hopeful titles are still knee-deep in Early Access, we want to limit ourselves to the following top 5 games that will almost certainly appear in 2021.

With this in mind: let’s plunge into the bloodbath!

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5. Martha Is Dead

Background: Martha Is Dead is the name of the upcoming horror adventure from the Italian studio LKA, which one or the other might still know from The Town of Light. It is played in a first-person view.

This is what the game is about: At its core, it revolves around the mysterious murder of the eponymous Martha, whose vandalized body was found on the bank of a river in Tuscany in 1944. You slip into the role of the twin sister of the dead and try to get to the bottom of the murder. In addition, coping with grief seems to be a central element of the game – but what exactly that will look like is still unclear. The story is embedded in the events of the Second World War, which will play a bigger role according to the developer’s description.

Why we’re looking forward to this game: World War II smuff is a particularly intense horror element that has been neglected so far. Martha Is Dead seems to want to change something and shows high artistic standards in the current teaser trailer. We are confident that LKA will still make a name for itself with this title.

When does it appear? An exact release date is not yet known.

4. Evil Dead – The Game

Background: Evil Dead – The Game is a cooperative online horror game for the famous Gore film series “Dance of the Devils”. According to the first trailer, the setting, as well as the character design, take into account all parts that have appeared so far. However, the emphasis seems to be on the parodic third part, “Army of Darkness”. The third-person shooter is being developed by World War Z maker Saber Interactive.

Evil Dead Game: First Trailer for Coop Horror from World WarZ Creators

This is what the game is about: In the role of film heroes from the Evil Dead universe – for example, Ash Williams or Kelly Maxwell – you face zombies in droves with various firearms. Appropriately, you do this in the cooperative four-player mode, while in the PvP mode a fifth player takes on the role of an as-yet-unspecified, antagonistic demon.

Why we look forward to this game: With its focus on the wonderfully silly “Army of Darkness”, Evil Dead – The Game promises very fun zombie co-op action. We expect all sorts of bizarre scenes and longer-lasting battles than in the comparable Friday the 13th – The Game.

When does it appear? An exact release date is not yet known.

3. Scorn

Background: Scorn is the studio debut of the Serbian indie developer Ebb Software. The cross between horror adventure and first-person shooter has been in development for at least six years. With the bizarre and very bloody art style, alien creator H.R. Giger’s godfather.

Scorn - A Terrifying New Look for Horror Titles

This is what the game is about: Apparently, suddenly Scorn throws you into a hell-like (and according to Ebb, infinite) underground world full of puzzles, monsters, and little stories. The game deliberately dispenses with a main story and cutscenes in order to give you the feeling of actually living in the world around you. Meanwhile, numerous trailers show a sinister bastard from Doom and modern adventure games; in addition to non-linear exploration, various possible play styles are also promised.

Why we’re looking forward to this game: Scorn seems like a playfully modernized old school horror shooter with a – for this genre – remarkably detailed game world. The creatures, which are not always hostile, apparently interact with one another, some of them could even have a life of their own. We believe that Ebb Software could have created a kind of horror parallel world that its inmates (in a positive sense) will not release again anytime soon.

When does it appear? An exact release date is not yet known.

2. The Outlast Trials

Background: The Outlast Trails by Red Barrels is not a direct sequel to its considerably creepy predecessors, but the Canadians stay true to most of the series traditions. This of course includes the tried and tested first-person perspective as well as the presence of all common horror clichés.

This is what the game is about: In the single-player mode, you get caught up in a certain Murkoff Corporation, which carries out perverted human experiments below its Victorian-looking halls. Strange special glasses – a cross between VR and diving glasses – are used, the function of which could be to put the “test subjects” in a virtual nightmare world.

You will also be able to explore the environment, which is a bit like Bioshock, online in the cooperative four-player mode. The current trailer for the game suggests that you have to support each other in trying to escape your tormentors. However, the images in question could also have been taken from the single-player campaign.

Why we look forward to this game: The Outlast franchise isn’t known for conceptual or thematic experimentation; their concern is rather to provide us gamers with brutal horror popcorn cinema. And she has always got along very well, which is why we expect the Outlast Trials to be a hearty and memorable psycho trip.

When does it appear? An exact release date is not yet known.

1. Resident Evil: Village

Background: The Resident Evil series finally follows the zeitgeist and – as with Resident Evil 7 – relies on the first-person perspective in Village too. Even more: with highly stylized comic interludes, Capcom is making use of a significant “trademark” of the indie horror scene.

This is what the game is about: Resident Evil 8 takes place a few years after the events of the seventh part. Again in the role of Ethan Winters, you want to build a beautiful life together with your wife Mia in a secluded village. But of course, nothing comes of it, because after a while it turns out that you have landed in the middle of a dark and strange cultist settlement. As you would expect, you will be confronted with all sorts of obscure, humanoid creatures that seek your life. But you are not alone, and so it happens, among other things to a reunion with one of the longest-serving Resident Evil heroes: Chris Redfield.

Why we’re looking forward to this game: Sooner or later it was to be expected that big game makers like Capcom would break into indie terrain. On the positive side, Resident Evil: Village could now merge a big budget with the innovative drive of small garage developers. And in our opinion, these are the best prerequisites for a truly great horror game.

When does it appear? An exact release date is not yet known.

Which titles are you most looking forward to in 2021? Write a comment below.

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