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Lately 11 bit studios have been counting down on twitter for a big release celebrating the three-year anniversary of their game This War of Mine. And a big release it is, not only did they announce three story-DLC’s coming to the game, they also directly made the first one available right from the start.

Father’s Promise

The first story goes under the name Father’s Promise, it tells a tale about a father and his daughter. You will play as Adam who is determined to help his sick daughter. To do so, he will have to keep her save in the broken city of Pogoren and hope he is able to escape soon afterwards. As the story takes place in the world of This War of Mine it wouldn’t be suprising if the story is heartbreaking.

”Follow their steps and discover a story of love, hate and sacrifice – the emotions we all share in the darkest of days.”

The DLC gives a new experience to the game by adding a tale, based on an audio-drama written by a famous Polish Author, Łukasz Orbitowski. Besides the story, 4 new locations got added to the map and 5 already existed places got reconstructed and remastered. But that’s not all, the game mechanics got changed by adding new dialogue and a clue searching system.

Father’s Promise is not only the first story but also the beginning of the first season of This War of Mine: Stories. As two more episodes will follow in 2018, each will be priced for 1.99 Euro. Because of this the season pass got added which will be the cheapest option, you will be able to get all three stories directly at the release for 4.99 Euro.



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