With the release of Frostpunk in April, it has been rather quiet about This War of Mine as Episode one of the stories came out in November. Now a year later 11 bit studios came with the news that episode 2 is on its way!

Sound and Silence

Just as episode one, 11 bit studios has teamed up with Meg Jayanth, mostly known from 80 days and for winning the IGF Award for Excellence in Narrative. In the new episode, you will play as a radio-operator who faces the dilemma of sharing the truth or stay silent. Regarding this, the theme of the story is the price of telling the truth.

In this addition, we’re introducing a lot of new content with different endings, new gameplay mechanics, new moral dilemmas about telling the truth that influence the world, new playable civilians, a new shelter people can live in, and new sites of the city of Pogoren to visit.- Tomasz Kisilewicz, Project Lead.

The introduction of a new shelter, more places to visit as well as new characters and more moral dilemmas to solve The Last Broadcast will beat Fathers Promise in length. Which is one of the reasons why 11 bit studios took their time to create a story and experience worthy for their players.

An anniversary to remember

The new episode will go live on November 14th, which marks the fourth year anniversary of This War of Mine. What makes us think, what if the third episode will be released on the fifth year anniversary? That will surely be special.

This War of Mine: Stories
The new story comes with a brand new shelter to work from!

In addition, with the upcoming episode, a change will be made to the season pass. As the new episode has a price of 4 euro the season pass will be increasing in price as well. Which means the current 5 euro will change to 7 euro on November 14th. However, if you bought the season pass before the 14th, you will receive all the content without any extra costs.



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