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Since the first story DLC back in November, it has been quiet around the survival game This War of Mine. But, as part of Gamescom 2018, the game studio 11 Bit studios has announced the release of the war survival simulator for the Nintendo Switch.

Surviving no matter the cost?

In This War of Mine, you guide a group of people through a devastating war. During the day you can only stay inside and upgrade your base while at night its time to venture outside to scavenge. However, moral choices are left and right. While encountering an old couple in a what looked like an abandoned house, do you steal from them to help yourself? Will you help your neighbors who come to you in distress? And what is more important, someones live or valuable resources?

As you need to keep all these questions in mind, This War of Mine keeps you pushing the limits of humanity while surviving the war. Your characters will need to deal with the stress, which might even get the upper hand.

This War Of Mine Complete Edition in Winter 2018

The just-announced Nintendo Switch version will be released this winter. The latest ‘Anniversary Edition‘ forms the basis, which brings the latest bug fixes and updates.

In Addition, the Little ones DLC is included, bringing children into the war. Shedding not only a light on the perspective of children but also their parents. The DLC also adds more interactions and a different approach to survival.

But that’s not all, as the first story DLC called Father’s Promise will be included as well. This DLC is a standalone option in the menu and focusses more on the personal story of a character instead of surviving the war. The other two stories that aren’t out yet will be added for free at their release.

Soon it will be possible to play This War of Mine everywhere you want.



  1. >During the day you can only stay inside and upgrade your base while at night its time to venture outside to scavenge

    That seems a little… backwards?

    “Sun’s rising? Better head inside soon…”
    “Ah, it’s pitch black out. Can’t see a thing, and as we all know it’s much more dangerous to be outside at night. Time to explore!”

    • Actually, it’s not backwards. In the story of This War of Mine, Snipers are positioned during the day and there are patrols on the street. Hence, why your characters can’t leave during the day. They leave the base at 7 pm. They don’t scavenge in the wild as they go to buildings, so it’s not pitch black :P However, the nightfall is way saver as not all locations have snipers and soldier and they can actually cross the street then. While other games might apply the story you are telling, this doesn’t apply for This War of Mine and it makes sense in this game.

      Hope that clears somethings up for you! :)


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