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The anti-war classic This War of Mine is getting a new story DLC called Fading Embers. It will be the last entree which marks the end of the story trilogy that is included in the season pass.

As of august six, you can play the latest story in the universe of This War of Mine. The trailer remains a bit mysterious and doesn’t exactly reveal the meaning of the story. But don’t worry, its exactly the reason why we gathered some details about the DLC for you!

The story revealed

Imagine, a city in ruins where a civil war is taking place but you are safely hiding in a house on the outskirts. In the cellar, plant pots mark the vegetables you are growing to survive. Somehow you even managed to keep grandpa’s collection of regional artifacts save from the destruction of the war. And the winters are survivable as the small oven allows you to burn whatever fuel you find. You have found yourself come in terms with the war around you.

The hide-out in Fading Embers has a typical This War of Mine vibe. Well, outside of the artifacts room.

The stranger: However, at one morning a stranger covered in blood and freezing breaks down on your doorstep. With him, he carries a bag full of sacred art objects. Without knowing his intentions, you decide to nurse him even though he is closer to death than life.

Art or people? Over and over again you will find historical artifacts which has an important spiritual or cultural value for the inhabitants of the city. To break the spirit the government forces that are besieging the city started with targeting the historical buildings. The city hall, nor the museums and churches are safe from their bombardments. The cultural heritage of the city and the regional identity with it should completely be destroyed.

It becomes personal: Of course, it would have been just a matter of time before the war got back to you. A grenade strikes near the shed where you stored the artifacts your grandfather kept so close. Will you save the artifacts and get rid of them later or do you stay with the injured stranger?

The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.

William James (1842-1910) an American psychologist and philosopher.

Your grandfather would definitely agree with this philosophy. However, how would he have acted when the time was there? Would he really choose art over humans?

Moral dilemmas: It wouldn’t be an 11-bit studio title or part of This War of Mine if there wouldn’t be moral dilemmas and you will face them a lot. What artifacts will you save when surviving is getting harsh? Or maybe ask yourself the question, who will you save? Are you allowed to destroy works of art to warm the house or to use it as fuel to cook a meal? Whatever part you choose, guilt will surely haunt your mind.

At the art collection interface, you will see which artifacts you have saved and you can choose to use them as fuel.

A look at the other two stories

The first story of the trilogy. Fathers Promise, focusses on a father that has lost his child and is doing everything to find her back. On the other hand, the second story called the Last Broadcast focusses on a disabled person who is broadcasting what is happening in the war. His wife scavengers and night and tries to gather intel, it’s your choice to decide what will be broadcasted or not.


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