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After a long wait, fans finally know who will play the roles of Joel and Ellie in The Last Of Us series.

Series cast known: After fans had long speculated who would take on the leading roles in The Last Of US series on Netflix, they now have certainty. So much can be revealed: Joel and Ellie are played by two Game Of Thrones actors and a Star Wars star.

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Joel & Ellie: These stars are going to be father and foster daughter

Who is Ellie: There is nothing to be seen of the real actors in the series. So neither Troy Baker nor Ashley Johnson will return to their star roles. This may be due to the lack of resemblance to Joel and Ellie.

Bella Ramsey, who some fans from Game of Thrones should know, will play the role of Ellie. Here she played the young Lyanna Mormont. She doesn’t really look like Ellie from the video games either, but she’s a lot better age-wise.


Who is playing Joel? This is where things get interesting too. Joel is played by none other than Pedro Pascal. His face was only seen a few times in his current Star Wars role, because he is the Mandalorian (Mando for short) from the Disney + series of the same name. He was also seen as Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones. Here, however, his head fell victim to the mountain.

Now Pascal will appear as the foster father in The Last Of Us series. Incidentally, this loosely tells the story of the games. Fans of the games already know the plot and can still look forward to beautiful pictures and backdrops.


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