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The Indian RPG This Land Is My Land is getting a new update. The survival update is the first to appear since November 2020. We show how good this is and what the community thinks of it.

It’s been a long time: The last update for the survival RPG This Land is My Land was published in November 2020. Now the survival update follows and brings long-awaited hyper-realistic features into the Indiana game. But the game’s community doesn’t seem convinced of this.

That’s in the Survival Update from This Land Is My Land

More survival: Fans of the Indian survival RPG have long wanted more profound survival elements. The developer Game-Labs is now complying with these requests. You can add or switch on all innovations individually in a menu.

Realistic damage

All of your tribe members can now be affected by various injuries. Among other things, you can now have weak and heavy bleeding. Broken bones have also recently become part of the portfolio of injuries.

To cure these, you will need to make various medications or take some rest. You can do this at a campfire site, for example.

A new treatment system was also introduced with the This Land Is My Land Update. If you take a closer look, it should quickly remind you of Escape From Tarkov. In a menu view showing your character, all extremities are listed individually. You can then treat them accordingly.


Food & disease

Real conditions: Not only the injuries and their treatment have been improved, your energy balance is now also calculated. So you have to find food and eat, drink and rest.

However, you have to be careful here. If you drink from polluted sources or eat raw meat, you can catch a disease. You then have to treat them again of course.


Other changes in the survival update

  • New bear variant
  • Buried treasures can be unearthed in the game world
  • There is now an attitude that allows you to experience realistic nights.
  • New alcohol variants & “Brewery” building
  • This is what the community says about the update

Too long: In the recently written reviews on Steam, a clear downward trend in ratings can be seen. Gamers let their anger run wild and are pissed off that it took so long for an update to appear.

Most users write that they still think This Land Is My Land is a good and solid RPG, but they don’t expect much anymore. It took too long to deliver new content to the community.

What do you think? Have you tried the new Survival Update from This Land is My Land yet? If so, what is your opinion on the new content? Leave us a comment.

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