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Days Gone believes to be a brutal end-of-time role-playing game, but only with the PC version and the right pinch of community is there now a mod that ensures incredibly brutal fights and gore.

Days Gone has mods! With the release of Days Gone on May 18, 2021, it wasn’t clear that this game would have mods one day. Now, however, a good 200 mods are available via One of these not only improves hit feedback, but adds extreme gore, a lot more blood, and blasted body parts.

That’s how brutal the “Explosive Gore” mod for Days Gone is

This is what the mod offers: The Explosive Gore Mod for Days Gone is exactly what it sounds like. It lets you play through the game with far more brutal kills and gore-inducing gores, and not just with the zombies. Real people are also not safe from severed legs or exploded heads.

But our biggest criticism of Days Gone’s gunplay is also improved with the mod. Hit feedback and death animations are stiff and awkward in the normal game. It doesn’t feel satisfying when we shoot the shotgun at close range and the enemy just slowly falls to their knees.

Explosiv Gore also helps, because it also adds rag dolls to all the blood and guts. So that you can imagine that, think of Grand Theft Auto 5 or even better, GTA 4 and what happens here to opponents that are hit or run over.

Different versions: If Explosive Gore for Days Gone is not enough for you, you can also download an additional file. This then speaks to your inner sadist, because opponents do not always die here.

If you shoot off the leg of your opponent, he hobbles, falls to the ground and begs for mercy. Whether you grant this is of course up to you. We recommend the addition above all because cases in which opponents actually survive fatal hits are rather rare.

Are you tough enough? We only recommend the Explosive Gore Mod for Days Gone to a limited extent. It is not only suitable for fans of exaggerated violence (if not real), but also for players who, like us, are not satisfied with the gunplay.

How to install mods for Days Gone

  1. Download Explosive Gore via Nexus
  2. unzip the file
  3. Paste it into “% LocalAppData% \ BendGame \ Saved \ Paks”
  4. The final location should be: “% LocalAppData% \ BendGame \ Saved \ Paks \ 500-ExplosiveGore_P.pak”
  5. Go to your installation folder and rename your “SFPaks” folder to whatever name you like.
  6. Done: start the game and have fun!


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