The Works of Mercy Release

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After a successful Kickstarter, where 700 people backed the game, the Polish game studio Pentacle is able to release their psychological horror game The Work of Mercy on Steam next month.

Becoming the Murderer

‘The Works of Mercy’ takes place in a photorealistic world as immersive as the real one. It lets the player get the very feel of roaming through murky locations and delve into the hero’s mind which is put to a serious trial.

The game is inspired by the more classics of its genre, such as Roman Polanski’s Repulsion and The Tenant. It tells the story of a protagonist who, forced by a tormentor, needs to kill in order to protect his family. Yet, this adds a lot of questions: Who is the tormentor? Why does he hate the family so much? And the most important one, when will he be satisfied?

Throughout the game, you have the choice to complete various missions which aren’t needed to progress through the story. However, ignoring these will have a lot of consequences. Because of this, the game promises a lot of replay value as you can approach missions in different ways and only your creativity will outsmart the tormentor.

The works of Mercy will be available at Steam on June 7th around the price of 10 to 15 euro. However, when you backed the game during the Kickstarter campaign you will have access to the game a few days earlier.



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