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Hope is slim, survival near impossible. From 8 Points and Fntastic comes The Wild Eight, a survival, action-adventure game that finds you and seven other survivors stranded in the Alaskan wilderness. The game was first released for Early Access on Steam on February 8th, 2017 costing $19.99. It continues to receive mostly positive reviews. The goal of The Wild Eight is to scavenge for the basic necessities to survive, plain and simple.

The Wild Adventure Ahead

The story behind you and your fellow survivors’ plane crash is a mystery you must search to uncover. This will take you into abandoned government labs and military bunkers riddled with deadly surprises. Find out whether the crash was really an accident or something “more sinister”. However, before that can be done, you have to withstand below zero temperatures and the danger infested state of your environment. In The Wild Eight, you choose between one of the eight characters to play as. Each character has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, make sure to choose wisely. The only supplies you’ll receive are in a chest that contains a tent and your workshop. Both the space and condition of them can be improved within in the game. The workshop is your go to for creating new weapons, tools, and outfits.

Catch the deer!

To keep from starving to death, you will have to hunt. There are forest animals available for you to hunt like deer and rabbits. Once you’ve retrieved the meat, you have to cook it over a fire. You will need wood to start one in the first place, this will also keep you from dying of exposure to the cold. An alternative outcome is eating it raw and risk getting food poisoning, which will kill you if you don’t have medicine. Another thing players should be wary of are the hungry bears and wolves hunting alongside you. Other features include scavenging for supplies to craft with. You can craft items like torches using the campfire, bows along with bone arrows for hunting and stone axes to chop down trees. Players can also collect “ability points” to gain talents such as attack, defense, agility or inventory expansion.

There is a single player option and multiplayer option with online access. The multiplayer feature allows you to share your resources with others and have someone to watch your back. If you die, your teammate can resuscitate you using a defibrillator, but fair warning these are rare to find. It only takes a short amount of time into gameplay to realize the longer you survive, the more difficult the game becomes.

Kickstarter Support & Full Version Features

On Kickstarter, The Wild Eight has gained strong support with financial backing from fans and raised a little over $59,000, which is more than they needed for their fund goal. The game is estimated to be in Early Access for the next 3-4 months as the developers take note of players’ feedback. More features are set to be included in the full version like new quests, additional interactive items, improved gameplay mechanics and an expanded story. You can expect the full game’s price to be the same as the price of the Early Access release.

A place to call home.
SOURCEThe Wild Eight Official Website
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