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The Walking Dead won’t work without its walkers, walkers, or alumni. They are found through a zombie casting that looks incredibly weird and crazy!

These are the actors: The Walking Dead zombies are not, or at least not exclusively, computer-generated. The interaction with the series cast is important, as this is the only way to deliver a believable drama.

The role of the undead is taken on by extras who receive a bit of money for their work on the set. The most famous appearance is probably that of the “Bicycle Girls”, who is killed by Rick in the very first episode.


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The Walking Dead: The Zombie Casting is incredibly weird

Universal Studios gives insight: We, the lower folk, get more insight into the casting tapes of actors. However, the same can only be said extremely rarely for the records of extras.

Nevertheless, AMC gives insights into the casting of walkers, zombies, walkers, alumni, however, you want. The records are already a few years old but do not lose their effectiveness.

If you look at the material, you might think you are in an asylum for the mentally ill people. Alone or in a small horde, people in street clothes and sneakers hobble and shuffle through the Universal studio. They scream, grunt and groan at a director’s chair.

Whatever seems funny, of course, is used to find out who has what it takes to play a rotting corpse!

The casting is tough: Basically, you’d think it’s incredibly easy to play a zombie. But to assert oneself at the Walking Dead Zombie Casting among thousands of jerky-like applicants is apparently harder than you think.

Becoming the best zombie so you will get hired more than once is the motto. If an extra has the role of an A-Zombie, he will probably appear more than once. An A-zombie is an undead that can be seen well in the foreground and is near the camera. So he gets elaborate make-up.

A B-zombie is one who only get a rough mask. They are not easy to see anyway, as they operate in the background.

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