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The Walking Dead: World Beyond is currently facing great criticism. But with the latest episode, the series could just have saved itself!

World Beyond critic: Too slow, too boring, too predictable, these are the most frequently mentioned criticisms when it comes to the quality of the second spin-off series World Beyond.

Unfortunately, I, who describes myself as a core fan, could only agree. All in all, not only the staging but above all the writing, looked wooden and fake. But the latest episode from Friday, November 6th, 2020 gives me hope again, and not just thanks to the post-credit scene.

That’s why episode 6 stirs up hope for World Beyond again

That makes the episode better! In the current episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, we can marvel at something that the series has not yet introduced: interesting characters.

The story that is told with the two new characters, one of whom was teased last week, is exciting, doesn’t reveal too much from the start, and manages to surprise us with a well-placed twist.

Are Percy & Uncle Tony series saviors? Starting out as a simple sleight of hand, they turn their backs on the shady business at the end of the episode – for reasons we won’t name.

Just this much: Percy and his uncle pretend to be victims in order to outsmart the “Endlings” (Main cast). They need supplies, weapons, etc., but they don’t want to hurt anyone.

In addition, Uncle Tony seems to know a lot about CRM and could mutate into a walking lexicon in the coming episodes. We hope that it will not be abused as a plot device by the serial producers at AMC – show, don’t tell.

the walking dead world beyond onkel tony

That’s why they are well written: Of course, after the credits, you can discuss whether the two newcomers simply remain one-dimensional characters. After all, we haven’t seen too much of them yet.

However, the fact that they have long lived outside of any safe walls makes them exciting. They bring the filthy and wicked to the series that we’ve missed from the start. They are real survivors, but they have a heart.

Anyone who has not yet given World Beyond a chance can see this team as the green light! But speaking of the credits …

The post-credit scene shows: Again we take a look behind the scenes of the virology department of the Civic Republic. We also rediscover the doctor from the last Post-Credit, from whom we learned what the A’s and B’s are all about.

This time she speaks to Elizabeth Kublik and assures her that Dr. Bennet (Hopes & Iris father) won’t be a problem. His security team is also kept in check. Until “you” arrive. It is unclear whether, as many fans believe, the daughters are meant or someone else.

Our personal theory is that this security team could include a certain Mr. Rick Grimes and that with the end of the second and final season World Beyond it will come back into focus.

the walking dead world beyond episode 6 postcredit

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