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“How will the trip end?” it says in the tweet from AMC. I also ask myself that, though, after watching the lousy finale of The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

Season 2 Trailer: The End of The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 1 has aired. On Friday, November 27, 2020, the last two episodes were broadcast one after the other. After the end left fans with many unanswered questions, the new trailer still leaves a sour aftertaste.

New Trailer Doesn’t Save the Miserable End of World Beyond

This is shown by the trailer: The short clip, which has no live-action footage, tells us nothing new about the upcoming season 2 in 2021. We only hear Elizabeth Kublek speak a few sentences from the season 1 meeting with Soldier Barca. So what to expect from the next installment of World Beyond remains uncertain.

But even the best trailer couldn’t have saved the lousy finale of World Beyond S.01. I’ve rarely seen such nonsense.

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That’s why the end is crap: Before the finale of The Walking Dead World Beyond, it was already clear that Huck was a double agent. So far it was unclear what the CRM officer’s daughter was actually up to.

Well, we found out now! She had to take Hope to the Civic Republic because she is gifted, and she is supposed to work on a cure with her father. In addition, Huck had to separate her from the others, and they weren’t allowed to know anything about it. Obviously it was easier for her to cut Felix’ heel, who stupidly thinks it is a barbed wire accident — please what?!

I ask myself: why all this? Of course, Hope couldn’t fly in a helicopter, she fled before the CRM found her. But why does Huck have to go such an aggressive way for it? That does not make sense.

But what annoys me even more than this is the fact that the only two characters that I liked in the series have been cut in half. Without further ado, Huck turned the magic duo of Percy and Uncle Tony into a one-man show and blamed Silas for it.


Open questions after the final of World Beyond

What we wanted to know: One of the questions that are still unanswered is the reason why the Colony campus had to be destroyed. Why the new wife of Leo Bennet (father of Hope & Iris) has all colleagues killed remains unclear.


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