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A first trailer for the extended tenth season of The Walking Dead has appeared and makes it immediately clear: Maggie is pissed off. Will you find out why she disappeared in the first place.

Maggie versus Negan: The first trailer for the 17th episode of the extended season 10 of the main series The Walking Dead shows that there will be a conflict. Maggie and Negan, which many fans already suspected, will clash again and again in the course of the six additional episodes.

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The first trailer shows: That’s why Maggie disappeared

The trailer shows that: In the few minutes that Fox / AMC shows us, there is a digital tableread. At a tableread, the actors, writers, and directors come together to go through all dialogues and storylines.

In the case of the extended tenth season of The Walking Dead and its first episode, Home Sweet Home, the plot consists of Maggie’s return. There is some clarification here, as Maggie was gone for over six years.

Not only is she facing the news of Rick’s supposed death. Also, Michonne has disappeared and the Whisperers have appeared and been defeated. All information that she would have hoped for in Carol’s letters.


How Maggie reacts to Negan: The trailer also shows how Maggie will react to Negan’s release and his new position within the group. After all, this is the man who murdered her husband and child father in cold blood.

She first believes that he broke out of his cell. But Carol tells her the truth. She released Negan from jail, and he again proved useful.

Carol and Daryl try to convince Maggie to come home. Negan’s fate has not yet been decided and she can participate in the decision. Whereupon she reveals the real reason she left.

“The truth is, I left because I didn’t want Negan to take up any more space in my head. (…) The next morning we found Elijah (man with the iron mask) and a whole community that needed us just as much as we needed them. It felt like it was meant to be. “

Start of the new episodes: The extended season 10 of The Walking Dead will air in spring 2021. When exactly is still unclear. In addition, we only know that there are six new episodes, which mainly revolve around the Whisperer episode.



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