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A few months ago we talked about the supposed origin of the Wildfire Virus from The Walking Dead. It turned out then that Kirkman wasn’t serious. But now it could be true!

What the Kirkman says: Robert Kirkman has been working on the The Walking Dead franchise for over 17 years. From the start, he claims that the origin of the virus is completely irrelevant to his story.

Not that long ago, however, he must have changed his mind about it. At some point, if no one expected it, he would simply reveal the origin without any warning. He did well and tweeted that the virus came from space. At the time, it supposedly turned out to be a joke.

Dr. Jenner in TWD S01x06

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TWD: World Beyond Provides The Answer: What The Military knew

This is shown in E-07: In the seventh episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond you get some flashbacks on the life of Huck. It turns out that she was once a Marine and opposed orders to shoot a group of civilians.

It was obviously easier for her to kill her long-time squad members – what nonsense. But that’s not what it’s about!

At the beginning of their troop’s mission, a soldier explains that he wants to hear where the virus came from. His answer was:

“I heard it came back with a rocket. that it started in space. Somebody breathed it in and it attacked their stomachs and then they got on a plane. “

The theory of the space spore seems to be also present within the The Walking Dead universe.

That’s what it means: there are two options. The first is that this theory is true and Robert Kirkman was telling the truth on Twitter. Even though we know that the spore theory as The Walking Dead Virus origin only served to convince the broadcaster of Kirkman’s work.

At this time the tweet got deleted by Robert Kirkman himself.

Option two is simpler and, unfortunately, more plausible: It’s an Easter egg for all those fans who are also deeply involved with the subject. The makers of The Walking Dead World Beyond have certainly only built this in as a tribute to Kirkman.

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