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Ever since the CRM (Civic Republic Military) first appeared in The Walking Dead, viewers have been wondering where this organization is actually based. Now there seems to be an answer!

CRM News: The new spin-off series The Walking Dead: World Beyond is once again announcing information about the Civic Republic. In the last seven minutes of the third episode of World Beyond, we learn more about its structure, worldview, and the location of their city.

Is The Civic Republic is the New British Empire?

What we see in the episode: In the third episode of the first season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, a familiar face returns. The soldier Barca, who was prominently involved in the mass murder of the Campus Colony, seeks a conversation with Elizabeth Kublek.

He mentioned to her that he could not cope with the fact that all-around 10,000 people had to be killed. Kublek replies that everything the CRM does is necessary to secure the future of Civic Republic and thus humanity. In which way the execution of this colony contributed to this is not mentioned.

It is interesting that Barca remains true to his conscience and Kublek also has her own doubts about the way the CRM handled the situation. You can literally see her trying to convince yourself.

The important piece of information that comes out of the conversation, however, is that the CRM protects over 200,000 people. This makes the Civic Republic four times larger than the Commonwealth.

Is the CR in Britain? This theory is currently hotly debated. Because in the same scene in which the conversation just took place, we see a skyline and a flag.


The latter is clearly the Union Jack flag, better known as the flag of Great Britain. So far it has not been found out to which city the skyline in the background of the scenery is to be assigned.

But I doubt whether this is really a British city. But the theory makes sense at some point. It would explain why no one has ever heard of CRM and also why it is so hard to get in and out.

However, the British flag may only be placed there because Kublek grew up in England. At least that’s what her accent suggests. We are still excited to learn more about the mysterious CRM. We keep you up to date.




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