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Fans of The Walking Dead are eagerly awaiting Rick’s return. New clues point to an early appearance by Andrew Lincoln – what’s going on?

Where did the rumor come from? Many fans currently believe that Rick Grimes will appear in the season finale of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. At least that’s what an entry on reveals.

An early return of the former series lead would at least make sense. The cast of World Beyond is already on the way to the location where not only Rick, but over 200,000 other people are supposed to live: The Civic Republic.

FOX announces what’s up with the rumor

What the official info says: The broadcaster AMC has announced via Twitter how much truth there is in the IMDb entry. For many viewers, the result is at least as disappointing as World Beyond itself.

Because behind the published entry for the season finale of the second spin-off series was probably a troll. AMC officials stated that Rick Grimes would not appear in the season one finale.

rick grimes andrew lincoln

Aside from the disappointed fans, there is still the camp that continues to believe in it. Of course, AMC would not confirm a real leak. So who knows if Rick won’t show up after all?

However, the likelihood of Rick’s return to The Walking Dead is very slim. Work on the first of three Rick Grimes films is still in progress. Actor Andrew Lincoln is still heavily involved in these.

When will Rick show up again? A few months ago, a fan on the street approached Lincoln without hesitation and asked him about the situation. Here the British performer replied with one:

,,We are working on it!”

There is no exact release date for The Walking Dead’s first cinema appearance. However, it is unlikely that this will be played at your local movie theater until 2022.


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