At PAX East Telltale games announced the final season of The Walking Dead. In here the protagonist Clementine, who we know as little girl, will be a teenager. While not much has been revealed yet, we will update you with the latest news.

The Mysterious Season

While they talked about the final season of The Walking Dead, where we will play the teenager Clementine, not much else got revealed at PAX East. However, they did show a picture of a dilapidated boarding school. Yet, we do not know if this is a flashback of Clementine’s past or one of the buildings you will explore. While several years have passed by, Clementine is still wearing her trademark baseball cap and her axe. The baby she had to take care of in the earlier seasons is now around the age of six.

Clementine's Story
What is this picture supposed to tell us?

It won’t be until later this year before more information will get revealed about the final season. We do know that The Walking Dead is about difficult choices, so the ending of the story of Clementine might become an emotional one. We will come back to you the moment more information is revealed.

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