After being in development for five years, the one-man studio Mistaken Vision finished his game The Piano. Which has aspects of a story-driven, noir murder mystery, and survival horror game.

In the shadows

“Born to an American father and a French mother in the aftermath of the Great War, John Barnerway lived in the shadow of his three brothers. George, Louis and Valentine were renowned pianists – but when John is accused of their murders, he finds himself at the centre of a media witch-hunt that sees him traversing the lonely streets of Paris in search of answers.”

In The Piano, John has to solve the mystery around his older brothers by traveling through the streets of Paris. While walking through the streets you will be able to find memories of the past and clues to discover the truth. However, John isn’t the only one roaming around as monsters, which looks like creations of his own mind, are looking out for you. As John has some dark places in his mind, you will need to give him laudanum when he starts to panic, which is showed by the red bar.

Besides looking for clues and avoiding monsters you also need to solve puzzles to get all the answers. While its just a one-man job, the game has an always presented soundtrack and is fully voice acted. At the release, it will also have a full controller support. Above, you will see the pre-release gameplay footage, which will give an idea of what The Piano has to bring. Yet, keep in mind that its pre-release and still showcases some bugs.

The Piano will release on May 24th and will be going for the price of 10 dollars. However, for the first week, a small release discount will be up on Steam.



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