The Padre


The Padre is a 3D horror adventure game which is in development by Shotgun with Glitters. You control a veteran demon hunter on his journey to find out what happened to cardinal Benedictus, but nothing is what it seems when you enter a mansion for shelter.

”In lamens terms, The Padre is a 3D Point-and-Click Survival-Horror Adventure that combines a deep and evocative narrative with slaughtering monsters and solving puzzles, delivered through various gloomy voxelized scenes in a Lovecraftian atmosphere.”

I was wrong….

After waking up in your cozy house you see a letter under the door. The church is in need of your expertise as nobody else wants to do the job of finding cardinal Benedictus. To actually open the door you need to find the key, as you didn’t wake up with one in your pocket. Slightly hesitating you stand before your wardrobe, shall I take my demon hunting gear with me? But you soon realise that would be a bit over the top as you only need to save an old man – or so you think.

After a few days on the road and a storm coming your way, you are craving for shelter and a warm bed. Not soon after a mansion appears and you decide to enter it. When the doors close behind you and different sounds come your way, you know it was a mistake to leave your demon hunting gear at home.

The Padre
What’s in the mirror?

Find and Use

Being stuck in the mansion your only option is to adapt to the situation and start exploring, using the objects that are on hand. Every room has its own secrets and puzzles which you have to solve. It often happens that the object you need is in a different room making you to wandering around to collect all objects before you can continue unravelling the story. Using the items is fairly simple, just open your inventory and select the specified item, then place it on an object in the room. This truly gives the feeling of old times where point and clicking was the key.

The minimized icons on your screen are another example, as you only see the inventory if you hover over the icon. This can be fairly annoying as there is no health indication of your character. By the moment your health is low the sound of a heartbeat appears, knowing you will die soon if you don’t flee or drink a health potion. The same occurs on the enemies as you have no idea how much damage you do to them.

The Padre
Ghosts roaming around.

The references to older games and movies are a fun addition to the game. So far i found the Dark Souls board game and well, use your imagination to guess what happened the moment I opened it… A big let-down factor is the camera, the whole game gives you this old vibe and while that’s mostly positive this doesn’t apply to the way the camera works. You have absolutely no control over it as the camera automatic changes when you move around the room. It often happens that the camera is zoomed in and you need to find a way to change it to a different position. A great addition to the game would be either making the automatic camera smoother or apply the keyboard to it and let people control it themselves.

The demo had me craving for more and if we have to believe the developers they have 70 scenes so far. The game has huge potential as the only downside so far is the camera. While the game most likely won’t scare you, the scenery and music gives a spooky and dark effect. If you’d like to support the developers or try the demo yourself you can do this on their Kickstarter page!


SOURCEThe Padre via Kickstarter
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