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Blobber Team has released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming psychological horror game The Medium. This puts a special focus on the many special gameplay elements through which The Medium wants to stand out from the crowd.

That’s what it’s about! The people in charge at Blobber Team, the development studio behind titles like Blair Witch or Layers of Fear, have released a new trailer for their next horror hit, The Medium.

As the protagonist Marianne you not only explore the real world but also a kind of parallel world. As a medium, she is able to switch between the two worlds and thus uncover the many secrets. The Medium attaches great importance to a dark world, a captivating story, and crisp puzzles.

This almost 14-minute trailer shows almost exclusively pure gameplay material. In particular, the possibility of being and moving in both worlds at the same time is shown very well here. In addition, Marianne can completely separate herself from her real body for a short time and explore the parallel world independently of it. The global encounter with demon-like opponents is also illustrated in the trailer.

The Medium is released on these platforms

As a horror fan, you should definitely keep an eye on The Medium. The strong Amnesia or Silent Hill vibes are undeniable. With its already published portfolio of horror games, the Blobber Team Studio has also made a lasting impression within the genre.

On January 28, 2021, you can get an idea of ​​the title for yourself because then The Medium will be released for the PC and the Xbox Series S / X. PlayStation players unfortunately look into the tube.

PlayStation outside! The developers recently announced that the focus is on the PC and Xbox Series S / X. There are currently no plans for a PlayStation 5 version. A later implementation is conceivable, as Blair Witch was also submitted later for the PlayStation.

The last-gen consoles will not receive any implementation either. The developers justified this with the fact that the “dual reality” feature requires an SSD as a data carrier. The normal hard drives of the last generation of consoles are simply too slow for that.

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