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The December update of The Long Dark is here. Hinterland Studio is releasing the new Ash Canyon region. There are also new survival functions and items. The Halloween event is now integrated into the game as a new challenge. Episode four is still a long time coming.

That’s going on: The developers opened the release of the December update with a YouTube preview. Around 2000 viewers watched the teaser video together when it was released. The download servers were activated at the same time.

The Ash Canyon update from The Long Dark

This is the new region: At first glance, the Ash Canyon resembles the Stumm River Valley: a deep gorge, the edge of which you instinctively approach carefully. A fall would be fatal. If you look up the vertical rock walls from below, they seem almost insurmountable. Even with climbing equipment. At the bottom of the gorge, you can see a small forest. Partly completely charred. Something burned here.

In the Ash Canyon, you will find clear signs of civilization. Mining was going on in the area. Individual houses and mines are still standing, but they are pretty dilapidated. The rope bridges are impressive. They connect the high plateaus of the region. Otherwise, you can often only move along narrow paths directly on the abyss.

Ein Blick in die neue Region Aschecanyon von The Long Dark. Um den zu genießen, musst du über schmale Pfade und klapprige Seilbrücken.

How to get to the new region: You can access the new region via Wolfsberg. This region is no longer a dead-end, but you can cross it and get into the ash canyon.

That’s why the new map is worth it

The update brings two new, powerful survival items into play. You can find her in the canyon, with a deserted expression.

Crampons: The crampons are suitable for rough terrain. They don’t have a warmth bonus, but you use less stamina while climbing. In addition, when you climb hills, you do not bend over as often and you can move more safely even on thin ice.

Technical Pack: With the Technical Pack there is now another backpack in the game. Strictly speaking, it is a kind of packing instruction. The more efficient weight distribution gives you a bonus of plus 5 kg on the total amount of stuff you can carry around with you. It looks like you can combine this bonus with other weight bonuses.

In der neuen Region Aschecanyon findest du wertvollen Loot.

A new challenge

The Darkwalker has already been up to mischief this year’s Halloween. This monster chases you from map to map in an endless night and has only one goal: your death.

On Halloween, you had to survive as long as possible. For the new challenge, the developers added another goal that you need to achieve:

Ban the Darkwalker! To do this, you lure him into a mystical spell circle that you have prepared with a spell rune. If he wants to strike a fatal blow, he will be driven out of this world by the rune.

Not for beginners! The challenge has the highest level of difficulty so far of six. As a reward for the successful challenge, you will receive an advantage that you can activate at the start of a new game. With it, you get increased endurance at night and reduce it during the day.

Das Halloween-Event "Escape the Darkwalker" ist jetzt als neue Challenge in The Long Dark integriert.

In the freely configurable custom settings for the level of difficulty of the game, you can now set “always night” as the challenging game mode. Or you can use your freshly earned Darkwalker advantage permanently.

Hesitant look on episode four

“Hesitant Prospect” is the title of the update. Hesitant outlook. Does that describe the state of episode four? An update of the story mode was actually planned for the winter. But the home office due to COVID19 thwarted the developers here. At first, they planned to implement the dialogues without motion capturing. But that either didn’t work out or wasn’t done yet. Therefore, there is currently nothing new to episode four, except the postponement to 2021.

What do you think of the update? Feel free to write it in the comments! As soon as we get more information on what happens in Episode Four, we’ll keep you posted here.

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