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As November is getting to its end and the autumn sale added some new players to The Long Dark Hinterlands Studio Inc thought of it as the right time to give a preview for the upcoming December update.

Start the Hunting

After the update in December expect a new animal roaming around the woods. The moose will make its appearing and will have a combination of the bear and deer characteristics. The moose will be difficult to find as it’s a rare creature but with the help of the environment you are able to spot one, by looking at the trees.

He doesn’t look all to friendly.

At the moment the model, animation, audio and core behaviour of the moose are finished. But the developers are still tuning the AI behaviour and some of his capabilities to make it balanced. In addition they also added a new affliction as well as some craftable items.

Be carefull, the scratches on the tree are telling us a moose is nearby.

Difficult settings to Wintermute

Wintermute, the first story of The Long Dark caused a bit of frustrating by many of the players, as the gameplay wasn’t balanced regarding veterans and new players. It exists of two episodes that were slowly paced and felt like more a tutorial for the veterans but was punishing for the newer players. The developers hesitated with adding difficulty settings to the story but to let everyone enjoy the story, three experience modes will be added to Wintermute.

Three experience modes for both the greenest players and veterans.

The experience modes are working the same as the difficulties in the sandbox mode but are specially tuned for Wintermute. Note, that this will only work on games started after the winter update.

Keep Saving

One of the problems that appeared during Wintermute was the way the saving worked. While the sandbox mode has a perma-death function the story mode has two save slots. These saves got triggered by sleeping on a bed roll and by auto saving, causing players to get sometimes stuck between two bad saves with irrecoverable situations. After the winter update you are able to save everywhere during the story and you will have 25 slots at your disposal, which is shared between story mode, sandbox and the challenges. Reloading from an old save or checkpoints is also possible. If you are already playing Wintermute don’t worry, the new save system will automatically include your already saved games.

Hinterlands Studio Inc has, according to their statement, a lot of other interesting updates that are part of the december update, but wants to keep them secret for the element of suprise. We will keep you updated on the full changes when the winter update is live.


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