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The Long Dark, the survival game with the demand for independent thinking, received a beta update. As a pre taste to the final December-update, the developers made some changes to the clothing system. Before Christmas, all players should be able to enjoy these and other changes.

But please do not complain

Hinterland Studio explicitly points out that participation in the beta test run is optional. However, it may also be difficult to inadvertently burst into the test mode – the way to get there is a bit longer.

In your Steam Library:

  • Right click on The Long Dark
  • Select “Properties”
  • Click the tab “Betas”
  • Activate the beta (name varies, e.g., “Experimental / Unstable Test Brach”)

In addition, the creators soothe all the changes in placeholder status: “Do not flip if you see something you do not like.” All new features will be refined until the final update in December.

Important: Current memory is compatible with the beta version, but beta games are not compatible with the final update. This measure is necessary in order to avoid possible bug-related game progress.

The comprehensive December update intends to expand the survival gameplay in many ways. In addition, you can count on the news on story mode in December.


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