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After the release of The Last of Us in 2014 on the PlayStation 4 it has been quiet for a few years. While during the PlayStation Experience in 2016 The Last of Us: Part II got announced it’s not until now that we have more information about the setting and characters of Part II.

Back in Time

In the trailer you see some people capturing a middle age women. The setting looks brutal with multiple men hanging around with their guts cut open,it seems that the women will follow in their destiny. Lucky for her another young lady gets into the camp which distract the enemy from cutting her open. A fight starts not soon after and both ladies are able to escape from these dangerous people till the so-called ‘demons’ rush towards them. The trailer ends with us wondering who these characters are and what is happening.

With the new trailer a short interview got uploaded as well. Here Naughty Dog, the developers of the game, talk about the story and making of the game. Since Uncharted: The Lost Legacy got released the full developers team is working on The Last of Us II. They learned a lot from the technology and art of their previous games and this will show even more in The Last of Us: Part II. Besides, they mention that this game is the most ambitious one they created so far.

”At its core, The Last of Us is still very much about Ellie and Joel, but for this reveal, we wanted to showcase several new characters that are integral to their next journey.”

A lot of The Last of Us fans are waiting to continue with the storyline of Ellie and Joel, yet the trailer doesn’t reveal anything about them. Naughty Dog did this on purpose, by revealing new characters and a new sort of storyline, players will have to connect the dots themselves. We have no idea who the female character is, which year it all takes places and what will happen next. This leads to all kind of theories made by fans.

Who is she?

The moment the trailer came out a lot of fans immediately started to write down their theories. Most of them include the mysterious women that almost died.

One of the theories ive seen the most is that the mysterious women could be Ellie’s mum named Sarah. One of the reason for this is the scene where the other women puts a knife on the stomach which might mean the mysterious women is pregnant. There are rumors talking about revenge as the main part of the story. This could mean that Ellie and Joel find out what happened which lead to a flashback where you play as Sarah. Playing a flashback isn’t new in Naughty Dog games as this happens in Uncharted as well.

Naughty Dog hasn’t put down a release date yet, which means we will have to wait patiently while browsing through fan theories or by replaying The Last of Us.


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