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This is what The Last Of Us series could look like according to an amazing Fan-Tailer. The YouTube-Channel Smasher publishes a trailer for the heartbreaking story about Joel & Ellie.

HBO series is coming: We don’t know much about the planned The Last Of Us series, which Naughty Dog is producing in cooperation with the broadcaster HBO. One of the few pieces of information is, for example, that the game should not be implemented directly.

Instead, the series should expand the story of the immune Ellie and her foster father Joel. The YouTube channel “Smasher” is now sharing its first fan-made trailer. And it’s amazing!

The Last Of Us TV trailer looks so cool!

This is shown by the trailer: The first fan-made trailer for The Last Of Us Show is so convincing that even the over-critical YouTube community pissed off the uploader.

The Smasher channel is known for uploading trailers for projects whose work has just been confirmed. The content creator also processes what will probably never exist in cool trailers.

His video for The Last Of Us series breaks its own boundaries. Smasher sees Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in the roles of Joel, who should be known to many from the Game Of Thrones series as Jamie Lannister.

Ellies & Joels Motion-Actor

He imagines Ellie to be played by Kaitlyn Dever, who admittedly bears a lot of similarity to the Ellie we know from the games. In the video games for The Last Of Us, the two are completely made up and have no real role models.

This is how a smasher trailer is made: Have you also asked yourself how live-action images fit together so well? Quite simply, the Smasher channel simply uses material from the films that go well with the voice-over. In this case, he imported the soundscape directly from The Last Of Us. Then just crop the pictures perfectly and the trailer is ready to be shown to the world.

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