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At the PlayStation Experience 2016 in Anaheim, the continuation of the award-winning The Last of Us was surprisingly announced by Naughty Dog. In our first contribution you can already see the trailer and details.

More details about the game

Now more details and concept pictures for the PS4 exclusive title have been dipped. As already announced in summer, The Last of Us – Part II plays five years later than the first part. The main protagonists are again Ellie and Joel, whereby the player will mainly play the role of Ellie.

Game Director Neil Druckmann compares both games. Thus, the first part deals primarily with the “love” between the two main protagonists, while the second part deals with “hate” as a theme. This is also clear in the trailer, after Ellie says “I will find and kill every one last of them”.

But who will hit the hate? We believe in the fireflies, which we have spat in the first part in the soup.

New conceptual images

New conceptual images are also emerging that reflect the atmosphere of the game. As in the first part, we can once again look at beautiful landscapes and ruins remodeled by nature.

A release period has not yet been announced, but we are assuming that 2018 is a good candidate.

In the summer, Neil Druckman reported in an unpublished article that 2018 is targeted as a release, since the distance to the first part corresponds to five years. The players who played the first part then grow up with Ellie.

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