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The Jungle is a survival game launched on Steam. To say, it is a copy of The Forest would be a huge understatement.

Not just inspiration: you know it, survival games are often similar in one or more aspects. Now and then the premise is even the same. To see at DayZ and Miscreated, The Forest and Green Hell or Ark: Survival Evolved and Atlas.

The similarity between The Forest and the newly released The Jungle is so serious that it leaves no doubt: This game is a cheap *ss copy.

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The Jungle in the Steam Shop! ValvE does nothing

This is the game If you take a look at the copy cat in the Steam Store, you don’t even have to look closely, you will notice the parallels to The Forest.

Not only does the game make use of the premise that you are stranded on a desert island, but it is also even “inspired” by the opponent’s design from The Forest. It is a gross understatement to say that The Jungle developers are intellectual property thieves.

Should ValvE intervene? Steam owner ValvE is currently watching obediently. But is the gaming platform even allowed to intervene? Many users are discussing online whether Steam should not prevent this.

Some users say no, as that would be the beginning of censorship. Others clearly say yes as long as there are proven cases of copy’n’paste games. Endnight Games, the developers of The Forest, could at least sue TecHNQ Studios. Steam itself is meanwhile between the chairs.

It is questionable whether it is worth it at all. But maybe the problem gets out of the way thanks to a lack of buyers.


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