The Forest

For four years Endnight Games Ltd has been working on their survival horror game: The Forest while the game was on Steam as an early access title.  However, the days of early access are over as not only the upcoming changes as well as the release date and price are known.

Launching into the Forest

In February the developers announced a sneak peak on some of the features they are working on and which will launch with v1.0.  Firstly, both languages and controller support will be officially supported and improved for the official launch. Secondly, optimizations for late game saves and multiplayer save games are on its way including server improvements.

Thirdly, there will be new resources for killing the Creepies as well as more reasons to actually try it.  Lastly, a few new buildable Objects will get added as well as a warm suit. However, the developers are thinking about changing up the cold and warmth system completely. Besides the mentioned changes there will be a lot of surprises which will also include the ending of the game.


The Forest will leave Early Access on Steam on April 30th. However, as the game will be fully released the price will increase from 15 to 20 euro. Yet, after the full release owners of a VR may want to keep an eye out for the upcoming The Forest VR game.

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