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Over the past few patches released for The Forest quite a bit has changed. The developers at End Night Games have been working hard to release consistent updates for the game. So, here’s what’s new and what’s changed in the last three patches.

Patch V0.58

The V0.58 patch saw the introduction to 3D icons that appear when you create structures. These icons have also been improved for better visualisation when rotating structures. The stealth icon now shows if you’re in an open area or hiding, appearing either filled or unfilled depending on your location. For instance, a bush is now a more effective hiding place than before. However, with these stealth improvements came another more realistic feature; the enemy A.I will now detect your flashlight at night! Shine with caution.

Some effects were actually revisited in this update. A few new hair styles are now available for players to choose from. The placeholder boar model was upgraded with new textures; caves now have integrated drip particle effects and there are new rain particles and other effects to provide further realism.

Patch V0.59

This patch included the long awaited ability to play on dedicated servers. In order for your server to function properly, correct configuration is a must. For more information on setting up a dedicated server, use this tutorial. However the developers do still recommend using peer to peer multiplayer while bugs are being worked out.

Patch V0.60

This most recent patch included a new weapon/tool that is hidden in one of the caves. Hint: it’s noisy and ideal for chopping down trees. New loading screens have also been introduced, however they are considered experimental. As for multiplayer – new clothes including shirts, a new jacket, and an open hood are now available. Finally, a few of the issues with the new dedicated server feature have also been fixed.

There’s lots happening and lots to discover in The Forest. Go give it all a look!



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