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After what seemed like an eternity of silence from developers (Endnight Games), finally a new patch for their horror-survival title The Forest has been released. However, it seems it was worth the wait, as Patch 0.51 contains the game’s finale with a conclusion that will leave you shocked and hungry for more. Players will learn what happened to our character’s son as all our questions are answered and the mysteries of The Forest are solved.

Patch 0.51 finally opens the vault door, provided you have the right key card. What lies within? Monsters, mystery, mayhem? Read on and you’ll see. Originally End Night Games planned to leave the door closed until the final release of The Forest. However because of the enthusiasm and encouragement shown by the community, the developers decided to give their fans an early Christmas present, releasing the Vault contents on December 14th, 2016. It is worth noting that the content is still not fully developed, and bugs are to be expected.

Spoiler: What’s Behind the Door…

WARNING! Spoiler Alert: The following paragraphs and embedded video contain massive spoilers. Any fans wishing to experience this content first-hand, look away now.

Video footage, The End of the Line

Read at your own risk! 

Youtuber Broadbent uses his key card to open the vault door at the bottom of the sinkhole. Anticipation killing both Broadbent and viewer, the large steel door slowly swings open revealing a long red corridor, (Why is it always red.) After a bit of an explore through corridors and the ventilation system, Broadbent comes across an abandoned canteen littered with children’s toys, strange diagrams and logos of Sahara Therapeutics. He’s in the research facility, finally.

On further exploration, Broadbent discovers a large corridor of windowed observation rooms, some empty and some filled with grotesque, unsuccessful experiments. He notices simple yet colourful drawings plastered across the walls and toys everywhere, making it clear that these rooms once housed the missing children. Broadbent is forced to slaughter any offspring of the mutants still crawling the facility halls.

Alas, Poor Timmy!

Finally, Broadbent discovers the artifact. Like a relic from the old world, or a treasure sent through space, he approaches the dark, rune covered pyramid with both fear and fascination. The artifact is connected to some kind of apparatus with an interface showing the clear outline of human being. Broadbent turns from the bed and gingerly opens the relic. Inside, skewered and lifeless, is Timmy. In parental desperation he places the boy’s ice cold body on the apparatus and connects him to the artifact with a set of strange tubes. However all remains still. The machine makes it clear that another must be sacrificed for the resurrection of Timmy. So with the aim of bringing the dead boy back into life, off he goes to find a victim.

In the room adjacent, Broadbent comes across the body of the red cannibal, stabbed to death by a series of colouring crayons with hints to a mysterious character named Megan Cross. With the intention of bringing his character’s son back, Broadbent goes forth to find the mentioned secondary artifact. On his journey he enters an enormous room, empty and bare but for a small girl sitting on the floor playing with a toy plane, it’s Megan. With an eerie turn of the head, Megan screams, spasms and transforms into an unspeakable horror. After a gruelling boss fight, Broadbent manages to kills the monster and carries the limp remains of Megan back to the artifact as a sacrifice. But that would be too easy wouldn’t it. Upon arrival the apparatus states that a living body is required. The search continues.

While traversing a mixture of cave tunnels and corridors, Broadbent learns that the secondary artifact has the potential to crash a plane. Could this be how everything started? He eventually reaches another section of the laboratory complex and continues his hunt for the second artifact and a way to revive Timmy.

It Comes Full Circle

Broadbent takes an elevator up to the facility’s outpost, a futuristic construction with enormous glass windows showing the entirety of The Forest below. In front is a console with radar images of a plane, above sits the second artifact, tethered and buzzing. Broadbent activates the artifact, sending out a mysterious E.M.P type blast that causes a plane to appear through the mist and crash into the forest below. The player, painted red, now knows how to bring back Timmy, and where to look for his living victim. The circle of chaos continues.

The final scene is a flash forward that shows Broadbent’s character and Timmy mid-interview on a television program. There is a proof on the presenter’s table of a book written by the protagonist about the events of the island. Everything at last seems safe and happy for the traumatised father and son. Or not…Timmy starts to twitch, flashbacks to Megan, and his father watches in horror as his son transforms. Fade to black – there ends the story of The Forest.

Plane Crash
The beginning of the end.

A chilling and tragic tale told by Endnight Games. We are looking forward to seeing the final fully fleshed out ending. What other mysteries are out there in The Forest?

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