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Endnight Game’s The Forest left Steam Early Access and made a full release on April 30, 2018. The game spent four years in Early Access receiving a ‘very positive’ rating for the past couple of years. With version 1.0 finally out, the developers have their eyes set on moving the game to VR.

Cannibalistic Mutants (The worst kind!)

The game begins with the player character, Eric Leblanc in an aeroplane with his son Timmy Leblanc when the plane mysteriously crashes on a remote island. The two manage to survive but Eric watches helplessly as his son is kidnapped by a half-naked man covered in red war paint.

the forest patch 0.62 dedizierte server update
Leave my son alone, you twat..!

The Forest is a first-person open-world survival game where you’ll have to figure out the mysteries surrounding the island, all the while searching for your missing son. You’ll have to live off the wild – felling trees, building houses and crafting weapons while fending off hostile wildlife and feral, cannibalistic mutants. The forest surface leaves clues to help the players puzzle out the story, but the majority of the plot takes place in the caves that riddle the underside of the forest. Since there are no actual quests in the game, you can choose not to pursue the plot. You don’t have to worry about social services making a surprise visit.

Version 1.0 and VR

The full release version adds plenty of new content for new as well as returning players. From a craftable warm suit, significant re-work of the endgame and a new alternate ending, the players have a lot to look forward to. In Addition, the caves got re-worked and a lot of bug fixes and improvements happened.

They also teased their first major update to the game on the day of their release: full VR capability for all players that own the base game. Here’s what they said:

“The VR version of The Forest will release for free to all players of the game, on May 22. It’s the full game, with your hud on a smartwatch, a full 3d inventory, and tree cutting using motion controls. We think it’s the most fun VR game we’ve ever played and can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

Check out the terrifying first-person survival horror here at a retail price of $19.99. For any further updates, keep reading Survivethis.


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